Your own little kitchen garden.

Grow | Cultivate | Consume

Whether you need basil for your pesto or mint for your mojitos, you can now grow them in your own little kitchen garden.

Our seasonal DIY Kitchen Gardening Kits are perfect for aspiring bloomers, as gifts and for those who wish to cultivate a new hobby.

Seed Starter KitHobby Starter Kits
 Our Seed Starter Kits and Hobby Starter Kits

TheBloomerie Succulents


Succulents are low maintenance desert plants that require minimal watering and maximum sunlight. They thrive in the Bombay sun and are a perfect accessory to your mundane work desk. For those who believe that they do not have a green thumb.

However, we believe that everyone has a green thumb; they’ve just not stumbled upon it yet. 

You can also share your kitchen garden stories, experiences, experiments, pictures with aspiring bloomers and connect with other connoisseurs on our blog. 

Your dream to set up your own herb garden just got real.
Get in touch with us for more information.



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